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Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach

In episode one, chapter 7, this is played onboard a commercial transport spacecraft headed to Earth from the planet Nixx. They are leaving a space portal that is on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. This is a tidal locked moon almost as big as the planet Mercury, even though it has only one-third of its mass.


Enjoy the beautiful scenery of space while relaxing to soothing a soothing sound.

Epic? Historical? Sci-fi or Hard Sci-fi?

Epic Fiction: Although the novels have a fast pace, the depth and scope of the episodes require some world building. The length is longer than that of light fiction.

Historical Fiction: Great care has been taken to weave the plots and subplots into actual historical events and to incorporate actual historical figures

Science Fiction vs Hard Science Fiction: Character drama and Layman’s terms take precedence over scientific explanation, however, unbiased science, theoretical science, and physics are respected. The author has a firm grasp of the sciences and prefers to write intelligent literature, but with simple and easy to understand language.

Christian and/or Jewish Fiction?

In the Eden Galaxy universe, earthlings are not alone; and yet, the Holy Bible is authentic history from an Old Earth Inteligent Design perspective. Therefore, Earth has a religious significance to the extraterrestrial visitors.

The series is not intended to be an evangelical tool for religious conversation.

Like classical fiction, secular stories are told that have some authentic Christian and Jewish characters.

Does EGC Follow the Ancient Astronauts Theory?

Eden Galaxy Chronicles is based upon human-alien involvement with Earthlings and has nothing to do with conspiracy theories involving “the Greys”, “reptilians”, or their dark child-sacrificing “federation”.

EGC is not rooted in any particular human-alien ancient astronauts conspiracy theory that has already been established by pop culture. However, there are some similarities.

Cody G. Carson’s version of “aliens living among us” began as a muse during his teenage years in the early 1980s when he saw an aerial phenomenon that he could not explain despite his in depth understanding of aeronautics. Cody is an aviation and spaceflight enthusiast who had piloted a small aircraft (with close supervision) at age 12. As a teenager, he drew up plans for flying model planes and rockets from scratch, built them, and flew them. His room wall posters included cutaways of the Saturn V launch vehicle and that of the Apollo moon lander. He followed the development of the Space Shuttle and wanted to become an astronaut. As a high school student, he read college textbooks as a hobby. He also studied astronomy, cosmology, biology, zoology, psychology, sociology, and geology as an extracurricular hobby. However, even with his grasp of the sciences, he could not explain how a shiny object high in the distant evening sky could accelerate at such a blistering rate without leaving a vapor trail. He began to wonder what it would mean for planet Earth if both the bible were true and we were not alone in the universe.

Cody’s pondering of the aerial phenomenon led him on two paths; one was to figure out a possible thrustless propulsion system that could generate that much force. The other was a preoccupation with reconciling the Holy Bible with adavanced alien life.

The first path led to him winning his 12th grade high school science fair with a non-working model of a gravitational propulsion engine.

The second path led to a list of possible conclusions about why aliens might be interested in a primative Earth, and why they might be so elusive. Those conclusions formed the basis of the Eden Galaxy Chronicles universe.

Cody is not a member of the UFO community. He does not make any claims that aliens exist in real life nor does he deny the possibility of their existence. Cody said, “without conclusive evidence, it takes a measure of faith to either believe that aliens exist or that they do not. To me it’s just another possibility to consider and remain scientifically open-minded about. However, aliens are an interesting subject matter for science fiction. They can exist in my imagination and I can tell their imaginary stories.”

Franchise Not Ministry

Eden Galaxy Chronicles is designed to become a conservative sci-fi franchise not a Christian or Jewish ministry. While the reader may come to an understanding of what a Christian or observant Jew is, there is no concerted effort to convert to anyone from one religion to another or to turn atheists into believers. The goal is to provide quality fiction for the vastly overlooked market of conservative science fiction fans.

How can Science Fiction be based in Inteligent Design?

The short answer is that based upon unbiased evidence, it makes more logical sense to tell a science and history based story from a Creation perspective.

Can an atheist enjoy Eden Galaxy Chronicles? One of the beta readers for episode one is an atheist who immensely enjoyed the story. He compares it to Game of Thrones, his favorite TV series. He’s a huge science fiction fan and a citizen astronomer who is active in social media science groups.

But, how do you answer the question of who or what created God? This video contains a very good answer.

Old Earth Creation vs. Young Earth Creation

The EGC series is written from an intelligent design perspective that coincides with geological and cosmological observations. That means Eden Galaxy Chronicles is based upon an Old Earth Creation (OEC) perspective.

However, the author recognizes the merritts of both Young Earth Creation and Old Earth Creation; he does not disrespect either interpretation.

The OEC interpretation is compatible with the timeline of the Eden Galaxy Chronicles universe, the scientific observations of today, and OEC is a pro-scientific alternative to the philosophy of secular evolution. OEC also aligns with the majority of science professionals and potential readers.

Young Earth Creationists can enjoy Eden Galaxy Chronicles for what it is…. science FICTION….. Those who hold YEC views and are also sci-fi fans already allow themselves to enjoy liberal science fiction written from the psuedo-scientific perspective of secular evolution. Let’s meet halfway and agree to disagree with the age of the Earth.

Science Fiction for Women

Yes, men will also enjoy the EGC series; however, the writing is tailored more for the female reader. Conservative Christian women made up most of the beta readers’ group for episode one; Plural Worlds.

Conservative science fiction

Are you tired of the “politically correct” leftist agenda contained in today’s liberal science fiction? Eden Galaxy Chronicles is your alternative. These stories are pro-life and contain no anti-science philosophy of secular evolution, no anti-Semitism, no anti-Christian ideology, and no Anti-police indoctrination.

EGC is written from a scientifically correct intelligent design perspective.