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Full Character List by groups

Name in RED = already cast


Derlon Kayvo (35-55) Harvest Master

Lady Gathena Whym (30-40) Galactic Council Representative

General Dage (50-65) Defense Minister of the Cosmolian Culture Preservation League

Dr. Yorm (70) Ambassador of Doria on planet Nixx

General Faythen (50-60) Defense Minister of Grand Saxony on planet Zybia

(optional cast Servant Girls 1 and 2)

Cosmolians – at Ramallah, Palestine

Lady Ziona Chandy (age 85) Manager of the secret underground Cosmolian facility under Ramallah, Palestine. Master surgeon.

Sir Sami Chandy (55) “Sir Sami the Brave”, Cosmolian knight, veteran fighter pilot, former bodyguard of Empress Dalena of the Wilshire Dynasty on Galdin, commander of the Cosmolian facility.

Sir Jacob Wilshire Chandy (29) “Sir Jacob the Giant” 6’6″, 300 lbs., Cosmolian knight and Goodwill Missionary, 2nd in command of secret Cosmolian facility. Sir Sami’s adopted son, secret heir of the besieged Wilshire Dynasty.

Yussef Chandy (17) Cosmolian military

Altair  Chandy (13) farm hand prepping for military officers’ school.

Lady Dalena Wilshire-Chandy (50), former Empress of the Wilshire Dynasty. Surgeon apprentice.

Princess Sarah Chandy-Navda (26) Cyber warfare specialist in the Cosmolian military facility at Ramallah.

Cosmolians – on the Overlord

Lieutenant Greystoke from ship’s security (20’s)

Covert Statesmen

Horas Montague AKA Percy Adams (65)

Carmona Family

Rabbi Jose ben Carmona – Grandfather – Betzalel’s father (75)

Betzalel – Calina’s husband (32)

Calina – mother (29) House of Romanov, from the Byzantine Empire.  Married Betzalel Carmona, the son of her rabbi. She is the mother of Amaris, Aviya, Joshua, and Judah. Known as “the Pearl of Safed”.

Amaris- daughter (13) (has secret boyfriend, Yussef Chandy)

Joshua- son (11)

Aviya – daughter (9)

Judah- son (7)


Barnsiqual Tisban (Barns) (35, but looks 90 until surgery)

Tuni Tisban (Artificial Woman) a replica of supermodel Paolas Vargasta (26)

Gyle Betic (Black) Doctor, Barns’ best friend (35-65)

Pertasia Tulaze “Pert” (25) Gladiator, (known as “Death Blow Pert”), fitness model, corporate-slave of the entertainment industry, subcontracted Executive Mistress to the harvester executives. Talented computer hacker and IT expert.

Ruck (1st shift manager) (40)

Mortigal Cladstine (HR Executive VP) (75)

Bervie Cladstine (wife) (age 55)

Marcayne Cladstine (5 year-old son)

Officer Byrella Manager of security (over 40)

Tug – Manager of Entertainment (over 40)

Sixteen – Femdroid sexworker (programmed to look and act age 16, but is 120 years old)


Sir Wesdall (50-70)

Zybians (House of Navda)

Crown Prince Oswin Navda (30)

Princess Kallista Navda – (White/Red) (26) Propulsion Dynamics, Political Science

Princess Quistella Navda- (Black) (24-26) Chaplain, Physical Therapy, State Diplomacy  

Princess Monette Navda- (White) (25) Psychology, Genderian Arts

Princess Sajatta-hem Navda (Brown/Tan) (27) Exobiology, Neural Surgeon

Princess Sara Chandy Navda (2nd listing) White) (26) Cyber warfare, Software Technologist, School teacher

Princess Daban Navda (Red/Tan/Brown/Black) (17) Estate Management, Business Finance

Princess Arysi Navda (Asian/Brown) (17) Aristocratic Law, Veterinary Medicine 

Princess Soru Chanta (Asian) (10)

Princess Aisha Lassirn (Brown) (6)

Captain Jezette Craven (White) (25) Commander of Navda Royal Garrison (Monette’s twin)


Caden Effista – (35) Protestant knight

Lady Vale Anglon- Wilshire (29) (White)– Protestant knight  (same as Lady Overlord and Constance Effista)

Pope Urban – (65) World Dictator

Noble Bride Elite Lady School (A Rothschild Company)

Lady Zeraby Rothschild (26) – professor and head schoolmarm

Lady Coburg (40-60) science professor

Lexetta Arundell 16-years old, Soru’s bully

Earth Tours

Desphi Norba (34)

Pilot, Captain MacPat (40-50)


Tahir Shinwari (45-55) Emom and scholar

Jibreel Shinwari (15-18) Tahir’s son

Aliens who look like aliens

Jags – Spilayol – cave dwellers genetically enhanced as mining slaves; their horns protect them from falling rocks; their glide wings help them leap over bottomless pits; their strong physique allows them to carry heavy loads of ore.

Fayleona Zager – Hydorikol (a water dweller ) Blue-grey shark-colored skin with hourglass figure. Gill slits on the sides of her neck, webbed fingers and toes. (She’s a Hydorikol; a water dweller.)

Mercenaries (Team Nychta)

Android – Jael (looks 30, but is 180)


Cy (17) ((First Scout))

Jace Effista (17) ((Scientist/doctor))

Magus Effista (17) ((Male tech))

Xander Effista (17) ((Earth team lead, 2nd in command))


Alyssa Effista (17) ((navigator))

Adoni Effista (17) ((Team leader))

Nyx (17) ((Scout/spy))

Tanis Effista (17) ((First Rifle))

Elene Effista (Stargate tech)