Eden Galaxy Chronicles Information and News about the epic historical sci-fi novel series


A mesmerizing read from the first page. Eden Galaxy Chronicles: Plural Worlds transports the reader through space and time into our past and hints at our future. It is not simply a science fiction novel. It is not simply a historical novel, nor is it simply a work of Christian fiction. The Eden Galaxy is a spellbinding blend of all of these, weaving a factual past into a strikingly plausible future. This series teases the reader’s understanding of history, science, and Christianity into an amazing and enthralling read.” –Clare M. Weeks-Kelly (conservative Christian, medical professional, reader of fiction, sci-fi, and non-fiction.)

“I enjoyed reading Eden Galaxy Chronicles. I hope you fall in love with the characters like I did, as they fight their way through battles, physically and spiritually bringing you along on their journeys! There’s just enough action, drama, suspense and history mixed with science fiction to peak your interest.” –Gail Valdez (not a reader of sci-fi, but got hooked on the story, conservative Christian)

“You don’t have to be a science fiction fan to enjoy Eden Galaxy Chronicles. It is very exciting and interesting! Eden Galaxy Chronicles is NOT just aother sci-fi story. There’s action, romance, intrigue and so much more. The characters in this story face many decisions, some dealing with stratgegy, some dealing with life and death, and some are dealing with very personal decisions. It is well worth your time to read! Your enjoyment of this story will be your reward!” – Pastor William Mazzulla (loved sci-fi as a young man, but grew tired of the liberal viewpoint, conservative Christian)

“A novel that leads you to possible futures, takes you to factual pasts, and then believably mixes the two. Through it all, this story introduces you to characters who come across time and space to touch you with truth.” –Karen Read Nall (well versed reader of many genres and experienced beta reader, Christian)