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Lady Vale [Aleksandra Girskaya]

Countess Vale Wilshire of the Wilshire Dynasty on planet Galdin

Aleksandra Girskaya fulfills her second role in Eden Galaxy Chronicles as the Countess Vale Wilshire of planet Galdin. Vale was raised on Earth in London by her father, Sir William, a knight and Bible scholar.

In AD1383, they were assisting John Wycliffe with Bible translation. One evening, Vale (age 13) was abducted by Galdinian warriors conducting a wife-raid on Earth. She almost escaped and was able to keep the warriors at bay with her sword.

On Galdin, she made a deal to train warriors in swordsmanship in exchange for not being auctioned off as a wife. She was allowed to live in a monastery and assemble her own Bible translation team.

At 16, she married Count Wilshire and joined the Galdinian military where she was knighted as “Vale the Virtuous” and was a renowned swordswoman.

Vale “tamed the planet” by importing Christian reform and the Earth knight’s code of chivalry.

Lady Vale becamea role model because of her loyalty, virtues, and judgment. Software clones of her mind became the trusted AI operating systems of war machines.

After her death, Vale’s diary was stolen and published galaxy-wide. The erotic content disqualified her from sainthood.

Vale became a legend; her 450 year legacy is part of the framework for Eden Galaxy Chronicles episode one: Plural Worlds. Two of her mind-clone replicas “Lady Overlord” and “Constance Effista” are key supporting characters.

Lady Vale’s life and adventures will eventually become a prequel series in the Eden Galaxy Chronicles novel series.


At twenty-four,  Aleksandra Girskaya has participated in over 2,000 photo shoots and her career in modeling has taken her to many countries. 

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