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Historical & Geographical References

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Let’s look at the historic settings and events that makeup the backdrop for Plural Worlds.


Although the storyline of Plural Worlds takes place in 1834 AD, the prologue takes us back to 1056 BC for some establishing events.


Mount Ararat, one possible location for the landing place of Noah’s Ark and a culturally significant symbol for the Armenian people. Before the rise of Christianity, Mt. Ararat was worshipped by the Armenians as the mountain of the gods. For information and history about the mountain (Click here) . For information about the possible resting place of Noah’s Ark, (Click here)

Locations mentioned

Elah Valley (Click here)

Scandinavia (Click here)

Historical references

Dorian Invasion (Click here)

Battle of David and Goliath (Click here)

Chapter 1

Ramallah Our story opens in the town of Ramallah, Israel. It was very different then. In 1834, the area was considered as Palestine and it was a heavily forested Christian town with a population of about 800. Read the history section of Ramallah in Wikipedia. (Click here)

Peasant’s Revolt in Palestine (Click here)

Looting of Safed (Click here)

Chapter 2

Refer to Prologue, and Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 3

Fictional location and events only

Chapter 4

References made about:

Peter the Great

The Byzantine Empire

The Holly Lands

Chapter 5

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