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Princess Sara Chandy Navda [Marina Zakutnyaya]

Princess Sara Chandy Navda visiting the Cosmolian’s Culture Preservation Museum in Grand Saxony on planet Nixx

The year is 1834 and Princess Sara Chandy Navda’s home planet is Zybia. However, she lives on Earth in Ramallah, Palestine at the underground Cosmolian military base. By day, she lives among the earthlings as the teacher at the Protestant Christian School. By night, she is a military cyber warfare specialist. Her hacker handle is “Legs“.

Princess Sara, age 25, is Sir Jacob Chandy’s younger half-sister.


Princess Sara is represented by professional model, Marina Zakutnyaya, of Kiev, Ukraine. She has over 14 years experience in international modeling. Her trademarks are @marsego_loveyou and @cupshe . She is a mother who is a strong supporter of family values. Her height is 5’9″, and her birthday is October of 1988.

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