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supermodel Jamie Villamor as Captain Jezette Craven & Princess Monette Navda AKA “the Craven Twins”

Jamie Villamor is a USA based international supermodel, competitive pistol shooter, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and the co-host of the Dating Intelligence podcast. Her images now represent two fictional characters in the Eden Galaxy Chronicles novel series.

Captain Jezette Craven is commander of the Navda Royal Garrison of the United Navda Kingdom of planet Zybia. She’s also a former platoon commander of the Cosmolian Coalition Military’s Rapid Response Insurgency Force. Prior to that, she was a seductress-assassin in the coalition military’s secret service. She’s known for her quick temper and for being even more deadly than she is beautiful.

Princess Monette Navda is an inventor who will soon become one of ten vassal queens in the United Navda Kingdom. She has two doctoral degrees and five years of Interstellar modeling experience.

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