Eden Galaxy Chronicles Information and News about the epic historical sci-fi novel series


Conservative Science Fiction

Eden Galaxy Chronicles is in the beginning phase of building a conservative science fiction franchise. The EGC universe sets the stage for multiple novel series past, present and future. Cody G. Carson hopes to soon grow the project into a team of writers working on multiple series of different time periods simultaneously.

Starting Point

Episode one: Plural Worlds begins a series that is set in the year AD 1834 before earthlings are aware of the permanent alien settlements on Earth. The knowledge of plural worlds is a heavily guarded secret. Episode one sets the stage for many series in different time periods past, present, and future.

Series Premise

The premise of the EGC universe is that the Holy Bible is authentic history (from an Old Earth Creation perspective) and that Earthlings are not alone in the universe.

Series Introduction

Earthlings have the youngest line of human DNA known to exist. Their genome is, therefore, an important resource for rejuvenating the older lines of humanity.

Planet Earth has great religious significance. Earth is a popular destination for religious, historical, and scientific expeditions.

There are eight major factions of human-aliens that have a vested interest in Earth:

  1. Cosmolians have embedded into our various societies and lives among us. They are here as scientists, historians, religious scholars, philanthropists, and cultural influencers.
  2. The Culture Preservation League is a Cosmolian military peacekeeping force that polices DNA harvesting harvesting, enforces off-Earth slave trade treaties, and protects Earth from other exploitations and alien invasion.
  3. The Galactic Counsel is the interstellar broker of trade and peace deals as well as a judicial organization for treaty law. They provide law enforcement authority to Star Marshals and the Culture Preservation League. The Galactic Counsel is not a governing body.
  4. DNA Harvesters comprise a group of legal and heavily policed Interstellar corporations that collect DNA from Earthlings postmortem. The DNA is used to rejuvenate older lines of humanity throughout the galaxy.
  5. The the elite-class, which funds Cosmolian philanthropy and Earth protection have their own interests which are entwined with the Cosmolian Nation, but fueled by the desire for power. They are responsible for building the British Empire on Earth.
  6. The deep state of the elite-class is a manipulative power cult working behind the scenes for their own secretive ambitions.
  7. The Izan is an aggressive, ruthless Interstellar empire that desires earthling DNA for warrior breeding.
  8. Pope Urban has become the global dictator of planet Galdin and is obsessed with launching an Interstellar crusade to reestablish the Kingdom of Jerusalem on Earth and sit upon its throne as King of the Holy Lands.

Interstellar Cosmolian Nation

The Interstellar Cosmolian Nation has existed for a seventy million years. Their ancient patriarchy is far from perfect, yet it is strong and exists on over a thousand planets. They are the ancient astronauts who have lived among Earthlings for thousands of years. With the courson of the elite-class, they have become the prominent builders and influencers of some Earthly cultures including the Dorian City States, the Vikings, Russia, and the British Empire.

They witnessed the rise of Moses, the exodus of the Jews, the parting of the Red Sea, the battle of David and Goliath, and the ministry of Jesus Christ. There are, therefore, galactic versions of Judaism and Christianity (based upon their own history books).

Interplanetary slavery is responsible for spreading traditional Earth Judaism and Earth Christianity throughout the galaxy as well.

Biblical Times Patriarchy

Their culture (except for advanced technology) is a lot like biblical times. The elite-class men practice polygamy. A “Trophy Pryde” is a king’s collection of beautiful wives to impress their peers. Many of these queens gain power over their own kingdoms.

As Christianity spreads, it’s influence makes slavery and polygamy less popular; however, these age-old institutions have deep roots.

Polygamy and slavery are two of the major flaws of this otherwise very strong, pro-life, ancient culture.

The early age of adulthood is period correct for Earth of the late 1700’s and early 1800’s; it is also comparable to that of biblical times.

Eden Galaxy Chronicles is pro-masculinity and and lanti-liberal feminizm, however, it follows some of the strong feminine women who have risen to power in a man’s galaxy.