Eden Galaxy Chronicles Information and News about the epic historical sci-fi novel series

Conservative Science Fiction

A novel series written from a socially conservative perspective with adult female readers in mind, Eden Galaxy Chronicles is epic, historical, science fiction. The character driven plots have an ensemble cast that include strong female characters. The stories are told without profanity or gratuitous sex scenes; however, the adult subject matter is not kid-friendly.

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Notice: Delayed publication

The publication of Eden Galaxy Chronicles episode one: Plural Worlds has been delayed until further notice.

temporary cover (official cover is under construction)

cover models from left to right:
Charisse Briguera as Pertasia Tulaze
supermodel Jamie Villamor as Captain Jezette Craven

From chapter 7

Pert said, “I can’t do this without you; not for two more years. You and Tuni are the ice block I hold onto in this Hell. You can’t die on me; you can’t!”

“I am dying, Pert… I’m sorry… I appreciate your prayers… Regrettably, they were left unanswered.”

Pertasia began crying.

Tuni said, “I have no purpose when you’re gone; please do the prosthetics.”

“But it wouldn’t be me; I’d be a godforsaken machine.”

Tuni said, “You say I’m a woman; yet I’m fully prosthetic. Am I a ‘godforsaken machine’?”

“Different standards, my love. You’re a manmade-woman. Man is your god; you cannot be godforsaken.”

“If man is my god, and my god is dying, then I will be godforsaken… What then?”

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A mesmerizing read from the first page. Eden Galaxy Chronicles: Plural Worlds transports the reader through space and time into our past and hints at our future. It is not simply a science fiction novel. It is not simply a historical novel, nor is it simply a work of Christian fiction. The Eden Galaxy is a spellbinding blend of all of these, weaving a factual past into a strikingly plausible future. This series teases the reader’s understanding of history, science, and Christianity into an amazing and enthralling read.” –Clare M. Weeks-Kelly (conservative Christian, medical professional, reader of fiction, sci-fi, and non-fiction.)

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