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Princess Sara Chandy Navda [Marina Zakutnyaya]

Princess Sara Chandy Navda visiting the Cosmolian’s Culture Preservation Museum in Grand Saxony on planet Nixx

The year is 1834 and Princess Sara Chandy Navda’s home planet is Zybia. However, she lives on Earth in Ramallah, Palestine at the underground Cosmolian military base. By day, she lives among the earthlings as the teacher at the Protestant Christian School. By night, she is a military cyber warfare specialist. Her hacker handle is “Legs“.

Princess Sara, age 25, is Sir Jacob Chandy’s younger half-sister.


Princess Sara is represented by professional model, Marina Zakutnyaya, of Kiev, Ukraine. She has over 14 years experience in international modeling. Her trademarks are @marsego_loveyou and @cupshe . She is a mother who is a strong supporter of family values. Her height is 5’9″, and her birthday is October of 1988.

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Princess Kalista Navda [Elizabeth Turner]

Princess Kalista Navda in a dressed rehearsal for her upcoming coronation

Elizabeth Turner from Moscow, Russia represents Princess Kalista Navda of the United Navda Kingdom on planet Zybia. She’s busy preparing for her coronation as High Queen. She’s also the galaxy’s most famous supermodel (partly due to her marriage with Crown Prince Oswin Navda). Princess Kalista is known publicly as a friendly socialite; but in her personal life, she’s very bossy.

In real life, Elizabeth Turner is an international published fashion model, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, and a dedicated mother. You can follow her career on Instagram: @misselisabeth_

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Lady Vale [Aleksandra Girskaya]

Countess Vale Wilshire of the Wilshire Dynasty on planet Galdin

Aleksandra Girskaya fulfills her second role in Eden Galaxy Chronicles as the Countess Vale Wilshire of planet Galdin. Vale was raised on Earth in London by her father, Sir William, a knight and Bible scholar.

In AD1383, they were assisting John Wycliffe with Bible translation. One evening, Vale (age 13) was abducted by Galdinian warriors conducting a wife-raid on Earth. She almost escaped and was able to keep the warriors at bay with her sword.

On Galdin, she made a deal to train warriors in swordsmanship in exchange for not being auctioned off as a wife. She was allowed to live in a monastery and assemble her own Bible translation team.

At 16, she married Count Wilshire and joined the Galdinian military where she was knighted as “Vale the Virtuous” and was a renowned swordswoman.

Vale “tamed the planet” by importing Christian reform and the Earth knight’s code of chivalry.

Lady Vale becamea role model because of her loyalty, virtues, and judgment. Software clones of her mind became the trusted AI operating systems of war machines.

After her death, Vale’s diary was stolen and published galaxy-wide. The erotic content disqualified her from sainthood.

Vale became a legend; her 450 year legacy is part of the framework for Eden Galaxy Chronicles episode one: Plural Worlds. Two of her mind-clone replicas “Lady Overlord” and “Constance Effista” are key supporting characters.

Lady Vale’s life and adventures will eventually become a prequel series in the Eden Galaxy Chronicles novel series.


At twenty-four,  Aleksandra Girskaya has participated in over 2,000 photo shoots and her career in modeling has taken her to many countries. 

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Sixteen [Aleksandra Girskaya]

Sixteen begins a new shift in the underground Mount Ararat facility


At twenty-four,  Aleksandra Girskaya has participated in over 2,000 photo shoots and her career in modeling has taken her to many countries. 

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Fayleona Zayger [Jenn Dawn]

Fayleona Zayger after winning a warrior competition that earned her first field mission as a deep state covert operative

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Prince Oswin Navda [Henrik Szabo]

Henrik Szabo was born in Bratislava, Slovakia on 13 April 1995. He is 6″1″ and weighs 220 lbs. He works as an actor, model, farmer, and CBD distributor.

Prince Oswin Navda in a viewing room onboard the celestial city Overlord
Prince Oswin in the palace grounds of the United Kingdom of Zybia

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Desphi Norba [Simona Mangiante]

Desphi Norba in her hotel room at a moon-based casino above planet Nixx.

Desphi Norba, Earth Tours professional tour guide leads a group of elite-classers to Earth for a tour of the Holy Lands. Desphi is a current resident of the Grand Saxony kingdom of planet Nixx, which is located across the galaxy from Earth. Desphi’s character has an important secondary functions as an embedded world-building narrator. She introduces the reader to several important details about the Eden Galaxy universe.

Desphi, has never been to trial despite spending eight years of her life as a political prisoner. She is a strong woman who stands on top of the ruins of her earlier life. She also has a bittersweet history with one of the antagonists.


Desphi’s character is represented by Actress/Model/Lawyer Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos of Italy. Simona is a former legal adviser to the European Parliament. However in the United States, Simona is mostly known as the wife of George Papadopoulos, the 2016 Trump campaign adviser who was investigated by the FBI during the fake Russian collusion scandal.

A real-life-to-fiction parallel happens in Eden Galaxy Chronicles: Plural Worlds when Desphi is taken away for questioning to determine if she is a spy.

Simona may be from Italy, but she’s a naturalized U.S. citizen and a true American patriot. She also owns the Agape by Simona clothing brand. Ready to shop? https://agapebysimona.com

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Instagram: https://instagram.com/simona_mangiante_

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/simonamagiante


Lady Zeraby Rothschild [Mia Lynn Minx]

Lady Zeraby onboard at the orbital space port above planet Nixx

Lady Zeraby Rothschild (age 26) is the headmistress of planet Nixx’s Noble Bride Elite Boarding School for Girls. This 500 year-old Rothschild institution has a pristine reputation for educating, indoctrinating, and preparing young ladies to become princess brides for the ruling-class elite.

Lady Zeraby is an alumna and former professor of Noble Bride Elite. She became a Rothschild by marrying the school’s heir, Sir Timgrad Rothschild, a knight of Castle Doria, and junior member of the planet Nixx chapter of the Society of the Elect.

Lady Zeraby is not involved with Timgrad’s Round Table Movement or expansion of the Rothschild’s Interstellar financial empire.

NOTE: Timgrad’s family does have distant family ties with Earth’s Rothschild Banking Family of England, but he is not an heir nor an active participant. Timgrad and Zeraby are only concerned about political matters that effect planet Nixx. They are in no way involved with any scheme that relates directly to planet Earth.

In 1834, the year that Episode one, Plural Worlds takes place, the New World Order has not yet formed.


Lady Zeraby is represented by American patriot and conservative social media influencer, Mia Lynn Minx. In real life, Mia would be the opposite of Lady Zeraby. Mia grew up in a military and law enforcement family. She’s a mother of three and an ardent supporter of the 2nd Ammendment.

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Pertasia Tulaze [Charisse Briguera]

Pertasia Tulaze in the underground DNA Harvesters’ facility on Mount Ararat

Charisse Briguera as Pertasia Tulaze

Pertasia Tulaze of planet Yaborta (age 25) has two years remaining as a celebrity-slave of the galactic entertainment industry. Until her contract expires, every aspect of her career and private life is controlled by the Expendables Players Group. Her original employment was as a fitness model, enery drink brand ambassador, and Kings’ Courtesan.

However, four years earlier, she killed her handler. Her use of military style hand combat fighting moves was evidence that her mother, a former gladiator, had trained her.

The Expendables Players Group decided that she was too much of a risk to be in the company of kings. Revenue loss was recouped by changing her contract. She is now the professional gladiator, “Death Blow”. Her private life has been subcontracted to the executives of a DNA harvester facility on planet Earth. Her newfound faith and morality is now at odds with her mistress duties making life unbearable.

When her contract times out, she plans to earn citizenship on planet Nixx by serving in their military’s infantry. Her dream is to become a dame in the service of Castle Doria, find a husband, and raise a large family.


The character of Pertasia Tulaze is represented by Charisse Briguera of the United States. Like Pertasia, Charisse is a fitness model, energy drink brand ambassador, amateur martial artist, and has Christian faith. Charisse is also a U.S. Marine infantry rifleman. Charisse was born in Chesapeake, Virginia, and her birthday is 23 August 1993.

Charisse is the perfect real life embodiment of the fictional character. You can follow her adventures on social media.

IG https://instagram.com/yesitscharisse

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/charisselucasan

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Yesitscharisse/